BCSA pass a rule that all Leagues would use the “Retreat Line” for U13 Division starting in the 2016 – 2017 season.

It is important that all U13 coaches are well verse in the rule.

Set up of the Retreat Line within the Laws of the Game

Law 1: Field of Play

The length of the touch line must be greater than the length of the goal line.

Length (touch line): Minimum 90 m * maximum 120 m

Length (Attacking 3rd for Retreat Line): Minimum 15 m (both sides of half) * maximum 20 m (both sides of half)

Width (goal line): Minimum 45 m * maximum 90 m

Equipment to be used:

Corner Flag or Disc Cone

The above equipment is to be used to mark the Retreat LineRetreat line markers are to be placed 1m off of the touchline

Retreat Line Procedure  U13

During a goal kick (Law 16), the opposing team retreats to the middle third of the field and may not pressure the ball until:

  •  A teammate receives a pass from the Goalkeeper.
  •  A long pass goes directly into the middle third of the field.
  •  The ball leaves the field of play

This is to help the goalkeeper learn to play out from the back.

However, if a team wants to play quickly they can; the ball is in play as soon as it leaves the penalty area regardless of the defending team’s position. If a team repeatedly infringes the retreat line, an indirect free kick shall be awarded from the place where the offence occurred for not respecting the restart.

Encroachment of retreat line:

If the defending team encroaches across the retreat line before a teammate receives a pass, the referee will stop the play and the goal kick will be retaken.

If the opposing team repeatedly encroaches the retreat line, then an indirect free kick shall be awarded from the place where the offence occurred for not respecting the restart of play.

Making the Right Decision:

A team is allowed to take the goal kick even if the opposing players are not behind the retreat line; however, if the team choose to do so, then the ball is in play as soon as it leaves the penalty area regardless of the opposing team’s position.

Development Benefits of the Retreat Line

 The use of the retreat line for Under 13 players transitioning to eleven‐a‐side soccer increases the number of passing sequences and frequency of the ball advancing beyond the middle third from a goal kick.

 The space generated by the retreat line allows players to practice appropriate dispersal, which enables supporting movement into channels to help advance the ball out of the defensive and middle thirds of the field. Also the space provides opportunities for goalkeepers to be more involved and practice their distribution.

 The time generated by the retreat line allows attacking team players the opportunity to receive and play the ball into their teammates, which allows for players to repeatedly receive the ball with less pressure, that enhances the opportunity of three or more passes.
For more information with diagram of field plan go to BCSA Web https://www.bcsoccer.net/home

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